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This innovation and education project aims to train students, graduates, engineers, and academicians who are experts in smart transportation systems and environmental transportation planning in Turkey, with the cooperation of Ondokuz Mayıs University/Turkey, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality/Turkey, and Cardiff University/United Kingdom

Project Leader's Message

Hi. I am Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Mutlu AYDIN.

I am the project leader. The main purpose of the project is to train the students of the engineering faculty of OMU as the pilot university and the lead institute in the study to graduate engineers, young researchers from different universities, academics, and the employees of SMM which is the supporting partner institution to be qualified personnel regarding Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).  I believe that we will learn many things related to ITS applications with the participants 


The use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) such as intelligent intersections, park violation detection systems, red light violation detection systems, average speed corridor applications in the world is becoming more widespread day by day with the development of technology. The main problem encountered during this development is the lack of competent engineers and technical personnel in the development and correct use of such new technologies in traffic at the stage of transportation planning and management. The applications of ITS, which are in the newly developing and priority areas, are very few and the opportunity to learn by seeing the process from the development of these systems to their implementation and operation is very limited. 


Gains from the Project

  • New Skills 

  • Opportunities

  • Outcomes 

  • R&D Projects

  • Experiences

  • Collaborations

  • Education OpportunitesEu

Birth of Project

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